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New Bikinis for Our Trip

When my husband told me that he was booking us a week long holiday, I asked him where we were going. He refused to tell me, which I figured would happen since he does like to surprise me. I told him I would need at least a couple of hints so I would know what to pack, and he told me that resort wear would be fine. He also told me that we would be spending a lot of time in our swimwear, but that still didn’t give me any clue. We could be going to a tropical island or the coldest place in the world with our own private indoor heated pool.

Regardless, I knew that I wanted to get some new swimwear. Since it was a week long trip, I knew that I was going to get at least two different bikinis or swimsuits, plus a few accessories on top of that. I already knew which website I was going to visit since it is my favorite place to get swimwear. I really like this site because it is so easy to find exactly what I want. Read More

I Have Been Dating a Nice Girl

I started dating this girl a couple of weeks ago and so far it is going pretty well. I have taken her out a couple of times, though I am not really pushing things. She seems like the kind of girl who would make a great long term girlfriend and so I am treating it that way. She has a job at this place that does eyebrow embroidery and to be honest I had no clue what that meant when she told me. From what I gather it might mean a couple of different things, sometimes it is pretty much cosmetic tattooing. However that does not seem to have too much to do with what they do at this place. It does not seem to be very inexpensive regardless. Read More