I Have Been Dating a Nice Girl

I started dating this girl a couple of weeks ago and so far it is going pretty well. I have taken her out a couple of times, though I am not really pushing things. She seems like the kind of girl who would make a great long term girlfriend and so I am treating it that way. She has a job at this place that does eyebrow embroidery and to be honest I had no clue what that meant when she told me. From what I gather it might mean a couple of different things, sometimes it is pretty much cosmetic tattooing. However that does not seem to have too much to do with what they do at this place. It does not seem to be very inexpensive regardless. I have looked at the web page of the place where she works and it costs a pretty nice chunk of change to get this stuff done.

I have been thinking about taking a vacation day next week and take a long weekend, but of course that is a pretty big step forward from where we are right now. I like her a lot and I am pretty sure that she returns the feeling, but so far not too much has come from it. I probably could have gone farther, but I was in no real hurry. I suppose that the fact that she has been anxious to keep seeing me says that she is interested. If a girl does not want to be with you, that usually is not very hard to figure out. Some people say that they decide almost instantly and everything else is all window dressing. Obviously some of them like to get free stuff and when you take a girl out on a date it is the man who reaches for the check.

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