New Bikinis for Our Trip

When my husband told me that he was booking us a week long holiday, I asked him where we were going. He refused to tell me, which I figured would happen since he does like to surprise me. I told him I would need at least a couple of hints so I would know what to pack, and he told me that resort wear would be fine. He also told me that we would be spending a lot of time in our swimwear, but that still didn’t give me any clue. We could be going to a tropical island or the coldest place in the world with our own private indoor heated pool.

Regardless, I knew that I wanted to get some new swimwear. Since it was a week long trip, I knew that I was going to get at least two different bikinis or swimsuits, plus a few accessories on top of that. I already knew which website I was going to visit since it is my favorite place to get swimwear. I really like this site because it is so easy to find exactly what I want.

I was able to look at the newest styles available, and it took me all of two minutes to find the two bikinis that I wanted to buy along with some accessories. Ordering them was easy, and they were delivered that same week. Though money is not an issue with us, I still appreciate the good value that I find there. When they were delivered, my husband wanted to see the two that I bought. Two can play his game though. I did tell him that I got two new bikinis, but I would not give him any additional details on it. He can find out what they look like after I find out where we are going!

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